CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENTS Date published: 1st August 2016
ART REPUBLIK Indonesia is now ready to bring Contemporary Indonesian Art to the world

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Jakarta, 2 August 2016 - ART REPUBLIK Indonesia is a multiplatform publication - print, digital, and online - that will be launching its print on August 5th, 2016 along with the inaugural of Art Stage Jakarta. 
The magazine will be published in Bahasa Indonesia. It aims to serve Indonesians with a common passion in Art through its features of Calendar of Events, Profile Features, Columns, Gallery Highlights, as well as curated Lifestyle.
The magazine is dedicated to becoming the powerful voice of a growing art community in Indonesia, from established to emerging artists, from curators to art gallery owners, from serious to novice art collectors, and to all who appreciates art.
Under the supervision of Board of Advisors : Wiyu Wahono, Tom Tandio and Arif Suherman, and Editor : Fernando Christianus, this publication will bring the readers the best information about art in Indonesia and the World.
Denise Tjokrosaputro, Publisher of ArtRepublik Indonesia and CEO of MPGMedia, said "I am very humbled and excited to be the Publisher of ArtRepublik Indonesia, the Contemporary Art magazine that we can all be proud of. Indeed, Art should not be exclusive, Art should be shared so it can be appreciated."
Mr. Olivier Burlot, CEO & Publisher at Heart Media, also comments: “We are thrilled to see the launch of the Indonesian version of ART REPUBLIK. The Indonesian art scene has been one of the most vibrant one across Asia and we are confident that the many Indonesian art lovers and art collectors will appreciate the launch of an art publication answering their needs and highlighting rising talents. Working together with MPGMedia gives us strong confidence as to the success of ART REPUBLIK Indonesia.”
About ART REPUBLIK Indonesia

ART REPUBLIK Indonesia is a publication licensed from Heart Media who first published Art Republik in August 2015. The magazine sets out to give fresh insight into the art scene in Asia and around the world. 

Published locally two times a year in Indonesia by Indonesia-based publisher, MPG Media and under the direction of Editor, Fernando Christianus, each issue of ART REPUBLIK Indonesia featured dynamic and engaging content, exploring the best in contemporary art and culture. The publication also seeks to be a voice for both established and emerging artists from Indonesia and all over the world, and also a unifier for gallerists, curators, collectors, and enthusiasts that connect all to art in a global scale. ART REPUBLIK devoted to inspiring you with the latest and most exciting features on art.

Follow ART REPUBLIK Indonesia on social media for the latest news and updates via Instagram (@artrepublik_id) or you can go to www.artrepublik.co.id
About MPG Media
MPGMedia, the publisher of WOW Indonesia, Timeless, AugustMan Indonesia, Baccarat Indonesia, NYLON Indonesia, NYLON Guys Indonesia, HWM Indonesia, Rest&Relax Indonesia, Gourmet Indonesia, Livingetc Indonesia, Home&Decor Indonesia, and Indesign Indonesia, is regarded as one of the fastest growing publishing company in Indonesia. Marking its 5th year in the media business, MPGMedia expanded its arm with the launch of 2 radio (FM) Jakarta - Smooth 99.5 and Virgin Radio Jakarta 99.9.