CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENTS Date published: 13th April 2017
Men's Folio M'sia : The #SocialMedia April Issue

Mens Folio Msia The Socialmedia April Issue

MALAYSIA, 13th April 2017 – April is about the most trendy & must thing-to-do wherever you are - The #SocialMedia. Fronted by Taiwan brightest star, Jasper Liu in Hermès. We uncover all the millennials crazed; from overuse of hashtags and emoji to the obsession of being an "Instafamous." But it's not all bad, as, for many brands, it's one of the easiest ways to connect directly with the customers. 

As you can see, deciding to upload your thoughts on social media has more implications than just making others cringe. It could be a moke screen for other misdeeds, but we'd take it at face value that anyone is never one to shy away from mouthing off online.

Dodging the issues of humble bragging, cyberbullying, trolling, catfishing, and many others only exacerbate the state of affairs. The encroachment of social media can become the bane of our existence if left to run amok. Anyone with a case of an upload backfiring is likely to hear that everyone is just callous. But not everyone is. Some individuals, it seems, derive positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, hope, inspiration and yes, love fromn their online interaction.

As a fashion magazine, we are also constantly paying attention to ways in which luxury labels are bolstering their social media presence to reach a broader audience. Sometimes, we need to recognise that technology in all its guises is meant to simplify our spheres of influence. Then we will get the maximum results when harnessing its capabilities. Every single account that we log into should contribute to enriching your work and private lives. 

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